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Qassiarsuk Viking Ruins

Half day excursion
Learn the history of the arrival of Eric the Red to Greenland in 985. Inuit and viking reconstructions.
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400 dkk or 55 €

Qooroq Fjord excursion

2 hours excursion
The Qooroq glacier is one of the most active of all Greenland. You're close ... Enjoy!
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600 DKK or 80 €

Kayaking in Tasiusaq Bay

Options: 2 hours in situ
Are you in Narsarsuaq and would like to practice kayaking among icebergs?
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2 hours (650 DKK/85 €).

Flower Valley and Kiattut glacier

One day Excursion
Narsarsuaq hike up to the perpetual ice... Enjoy a active day!
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400 dkk or 55 €