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Uunartoq island hot springs uunartoq hot springs greenland

South Greenland Explorer: Ice, Big walls & Hot spring

Uunartoq island hot springs uunartoq hot springs greenland

Wonders of Greenland - Glacier walk and Zodiac Navigation

Uunartoq island hot springs uunartoq hot springs greenland

Northern Lights in Greenland
Weekly departures from 14th august till 18 sept.

Uunartoq island hot springs uunartoq hot springs greenland

Kayak and Ice Hiking in Greenland. 8 - 15 days



Greenland Hike & Kayaking

8 days/7 nights in Greenland
Combining hiking in the Mellem Land and kayaking in the Sermilik Fjord. From 2,395 €.
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2,395€ (from Iceland/return). From Copenhagen: supplement of 100 €

Why go to South Greenland?

A complex net of fjords serves as a "highway" in southern Greenland. So, sailing among icebergs from nearby glaciers or gigantic blocks of ice pack arrived from the North by open sea, just two hours are needed to transport us from the "green land", where the Vikings arrived in 985, to the glacier tongues of the infinity Inlandis or Greenland ice cap ... South Greenland, a land of contrasts:
  • The perpetual ice as opposed to the "green land" of summer, two unrivaled scenarios for hiking, both on the ice and in the mountains surrounding the ice.
  • The Uunartoq hot springs surrounded by icebergs, the Big Walls of Tasermiut fjord or the viking settlements, whose traces can be seen only here.
  • Probably the best conditions in the world for kayaking among icebergs: the routes are protected from the open sea but offer a outstanding concentration of ice.

Why go with Tasermiut South Greenland?

We will move in the Arctic, a magnificent but tough environment where it is not advisable to travel without an organized system of logistics that can offer support in case of need. With 18 years experience organizing trips in southern Greenland, Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions stands out from other operators thanks to its own logistic network:
  • Own fleet of RIB boats, distributed between Narsarsuaq and Nanortalik, capable of reaching any point in South Greenland in a few hours.
  • Satellite and radio communication system to keep 24 hours of contact between the guides and our basecamps in Qassiarsuk, Narsaq and Nanortalik.
  • Own infrastructure (permanent camps, hostels, kayak equipment and 4x4 cars) that make us more efficient in the use of time.