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Hotel and Glacier Camp

5 day getaway from Iceland
Hotel overnight stays, except a magical night in our Adventure Domo Camp. From 2,950 €.
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2,950 € (from Iceland/return).

4 Day Hotel Breaks

4 days / 3 nights in Greenland
Short but intense hotel-type trip. From 2,500 €.
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2,600 € (from Iceland/return).

Glacier Camp and Ice Hike

5 days/4 nights in Greenland
We will have the opportunity to visit the Inlandis and cover a small part of its immensity. From 2,095 €.
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2,250 € from Reykjavik/return.

Kayaking in South Greenland

5 day getaway from Iceland
Take part in a real expedition sailing small kayaks through a sea of icebergs. From 2,150 €.
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2,150 € from Reykjavík/return

Ilulissat Ice Adventure

Places available
You can combine this trip to Ilulissat with any of our routes in South Greenland. Flights from Iceland and Copenhagen. From 2,275 €
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5 days: 2,375 € from Copenhage/2,275 € from Reykjavik